Monday, July 24, 2006


The Clips set a new franchise record with their 20th road win, defeating the Dallas Mavericks, 85-71. The Mavs' 71 points represented a season low and allowed the Clips to avert a four-game season-series sweep. Only Sacramento took four from the Clips this year; Detroit and Indiana both swept the Clips 2-0. The Clips also kept the Mavs from setting a new franchise high of 61 wins.

The game marked the re-re-return of Corey Maggette after his bout with a herniated disc. Corey looked like the Maggs of old, leading all scorers and six Clips in double figures with an 18-and-11 double-double in 27 quality minutes. Chris Kaman had 14, Walter McCarty another dozen, Daniel Ewing 11, and Vin Baker and Cuttino Mobley 10 apiece. Elton Brand and Sam Cassell rested, while Vladimir Radmanovic (groin) and Zeljko Rebraca (back) nursed injuries.

Quick thoughts: ...Don't be too impressed by the American Airlines flight vouchers fans received. They're valid for a very limited time and only on flights from Love Field to one of four cities near Dallas. This isn't like Oprah screaming, "EVERYBODY WINS A CAR!!! EVERYBODY WINS A CAR!!!"...Pavel Podkolzine saw his only action of the season. When the huge Siberian took the court for a preseason contest at Staples Center, the "Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bobby Simmons" guys yelled, "IT'S ALIVE!!!" and "BASKETBALL GOOD!!!"...

Off topic...Tawana Brawley Redux: I rarely stray from the Clipper beat, but what's happening in Durham, North Carolina is a travesty of justice. This woman doesn't want to spend the night in the pokey on a public drunkenness rap, so she makes up a transparently false story that ruins the lives of at least two innocent boys. The politically correct sheep (and the emo guys looking for a sympathy score) immediately start conducting "vigils." Mike Nifong, who like most district attorneys lacks any moral compass, ignores DNA tests that absolve the boys of wrongdoing and charges them with crimes just this side of capital. Spare a thought for the boys and their families, who will be haunted by this woman's lies long after they unravel. Meanwhile, I only hope my Duke Lacrosse t-shirt arrives in time for the playoffs. -- Jordan


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